Adoption Status: Available

Foster Status: On foster

DOB: 3-5 years old

Sex: Female

Breed: Chihuahua X

Size: Very small (approx 3-4kg)

Fencing Requirements: 1m minimum and secure to contain a small dog i.e. either solid fencing, or strong wire mesh over gaps.

Hobbies: Running like the wind, jumping in the paddling pool for a splash (or the water bowl and emptying the contents all over the floor!), gardening, chasing rabbits, hanging out with her person.   

Good Habits:  House trained by day, quiet, great watch dog if someone visits, social with other dogs, great with cats, good recall

Bad Habits:  Has toilet accidents over-night if not crated (being crated overnight sorts this), difficult to catch (she avoids being picked up)

Personality Type: Nervous of anything new, but once established she is fun-loving, playful and a little treasure

Adoption Fee: $285

Ideal Home: Bonnie needs a practical, level-headed owner with a stable and quiet life-style.  A property with a bit of land for Bonnie to run around on would be perfect. Another social, small dog for company would also be great, but is not essential. Her new person must appreciate that she is and wants to be treated as a dog, not a cute cuddly toy.

Bonnie is a quirky little dog, with a big heart and lots of love, but on her own terms.  When she is placed into a new home, she will be a nervous wreck in the beginning until she adjusts.  For this reason, her new owner MUST be willing to come and visit her a minimum of 3 times, so she can get to know you a little, before she makes the big move to your house. We will also need to visit your home with Bonnie to introduce her to her new surroundings before the big move. Then the change won’t be so scary. For this reason, a local Waikato based home would probably be best.

Bonnie loves a cuddle and is very affectionate, but she is also quite independent and will happily go off exploring and checking stuff out.  A lifestyle property with new smells and things to dig and things to do would be great for Bonnie.  Exercise and activities and the opportunity to be “a real dog” really help her frame of mind.   

Sitting on a lap all day being molly-coddled and coerced into doing things she isn’t interested in is not an option for Bonnie, and will just increase her nervousness.  Likewise, a home with children, and/or lots of new people coming and going all day is not going to work. Doggie daycare is also NOT an option for Bonnie for this reason.  We envisage her being with a middle-aged single person or couple, with a big section or lifestyle block that they enjoy working on – this scenario would be perfect.

As with all Pound Hounds, Bonnie must be allowed access to inside the home so she can really be a part of the family.

Can you offer Bonnie stability, quality food, home comforts and basic training?  She is waiting for you...



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