Adoption Status: Available

Foster Status: In foster care

DOB:  approx January 2018

Sex: Male

Breed: Boxer x American Bulldog (we think...)

Size:  Medium and we don't think he'll get any bigger (approx 20kgs)

Fencing Requirements: Minimum 1.5m

Hobbies: EATING! Playing chase and tug of war, digging, getting cuddles, splashing in his pool and sneaking into the shower when it's on (this kid LOVES water), learning new tricks

Good Habits: Loving, house trained, good on lead, knows his basic manners, learns well

Bad Habits: Digs when bored, inhales his food, has boxer ears sometimes (selective hearing) but a treat sorts that out pretty quick! Socially awkward when meeting new doggy friends which can be misinterpreted by some dogs.

Personality Type: Loving, bouncy and happy

Special Requirements: A slow feeding bowl, snuffle mat or to be scatter fed so he doesn't gulp down his food. Brad will require an experienced owner who is willing to spend time continuing his training.

Ideal Home: With a fun and happy hooman who want to spend heaps of time with him, would love to take him out on walks or runs and teach him about the world, play ball with him and definitely somewhere with water as this kid LOVES to swim and play in the water!! 

Adoption Fee: $185

Brad did not had a happy life before coming into our care.  He came into the pound extremely thin and it was obvious he had suffered a lot of neglect in his young life but since being in his foster home he has evolved into a happy, loving and funny young guy.

Brad's foster mum describes him as an intelligent boofhead, who believes he is still a little puppy and loves nothing more than to snuggle in your lap... that he no longer fits in! He has a lot of the boxer traits in him - he's a bit of a goofball and clumsy to boot! He can also be a little too enthusiastic when meeting new doggy friends which some dogs can find a little off putting. But most of all there is that funny, loving and loyal boxer nature. Brad's foster mum says this kid LOVES water and will happily sneak into the shower when you're in there if given the chance!

Brad was a sad chap when he first came into pound care, but he has learned that his meals come regularly, and that people actually represented a kind word and a pat rather than the opposite. Now he literally smiles (grins!) and gets excited when attention comes his way.  He bounds around excitedly and does a happy dance – a far cry from the beginning. He LOVES to play with balls, happily pushing them around the backyard himself if you won't do it for him and if he jumps up, its because he wants his armpits scratched (who doesn't...haha). He can still be quite wary of men, so this is something his new hoomans would need to continue working on with him.

Since his foster brother Moose went to stay with him he has learned LOADS about being a good doggy citizen, how to share his toys and play. He now walks much better on lead and knows his basic manners (plus a few extra like shake and beg). He is MUCH less afraid of cars now on his walks and has learnt to be away from the road, beside his person when walking and will lie down or sit when a car goes past instead of trying to run away and hide. This will be an ongoing process for Brad so his person will need to be very patient and use positive reinforcement to encourage confidence around moving cars. Continuing Brad's learning with socialisation will be important too, (he is a little socially inept) so that he can learn to meet new doggy friends in a calm and polite manner. This is where an older calm dog in the family would be a plus and a hooman who is experienced with boxers or strong breeds is a huge bonus.

Brad is currently in a foster home with a cat. He has learnt to be respectful of the cat's boundaries and knows better than to get within swiping distance but he is still very keen to get up close and play or at least give her a sniff. When meeting new dogs Brad can be very over excited at first so ongoing lessons on socialisation will be important - this is where an older calm dog in the home would be very beneficial for Brad as he learns very well from his foster brother Moose (who is very calm and easygoing but still playful).

Brad is a very sweet natured boy that just wants to be loved. He would love a very special owner who will commit to providing for his needs for the rest of his life and who can continue to work with him to increase his confidence.He has learnt so much though and now knows that new things and people can be lots of fun and with calm and positive introductions he does wonderfully.  Experience with boxers or strong breeds would be great.

Brad would do best in a home without children. Bikes, scooters and yelling freak him out a bit so a calm, chilled out home would be best.  He would also prefer to be an only child and the centre of your world, but another older calm dog in the home may be ok (he has lived with another dog previously and they got on great) and a confident cat would also be ok.

As with all Pound Hounds, Brad must be allowed access to inside the home so he can really be a part of the family. He is used to being inside with his foster family and sleeps in his crate at night so a home where he will be allowed to sleep inside and hang out with the family is an absolute must.

Brad is a wonderful boy, just searching for the right hooman that will accept him for who he is (a big cuddly boofhead) and is willing to put their time and energy into helping him with the things he needs to learn about. If you're looking for a perfect dog, Brad is not for you. But if you're looking for a loyal, snuggly, happy, eager to please, fun loving guy who just needs a bit of extra help with some stuff, then Brad may just be the man you've been searching for.

Other Info: 

Thanks for checking out our Brad's profile! We cant wait to find his forever hoomans, could that be you?
Just so you know:
It is important to us that we find the best match for our Poundies needs and personalities which is why, in order to be considered for adoption of Brad, we'll need you to complete an application form.


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