Adoption Status: Available

Foster Status: On Foster

DOB: approx 12 months old

Sex: Male

Breed: Huntaway X

Size: Medium (approx 20-25kg)

Fencing Requirements: 1.8 meters high (preferably vertical fencing)

Hobbies:    Running, going on adventures, playing games, playing with other dogs, hanging out with his person

Good Habits:  Respectful, knows his manners ( sit, lie down, stay and can even shake hands), a good listener

Bad Habits:   Can jump high fences, barks when bored or confined

Personality Type: Easy going (a little unsure in new situations)

Adoption Fee: $285

Leo is a vibrant and fun loving guy who loves to get out on adventures and spend time with his people. He is not a cuddly guy, but he is quite content to just sit with his people and hang out. No needy, clingy tendencies with this boy.

The ideal home for Leo will be with a person/family who like getting out and about (every day) as he an active boy. A quick walk around the block will not satisfy this kid. He would make a fantastic running/hiking/cycling buddy. His ideal people would be patient when introducing him to new things (he hasn't seen much of the world so some things can be a little scary) and committed to making sure that he has regular exercise and structure in his life and is a part of the family. Leo already knows his basic manners and gets on well with other dogs, he has shown no interest in chickens but is a bit scared of goats so will need proper introductions to other animals he hasn't met before. He has not met children to our knowledge, but we would suggest older/respectful children would be best.

Leo will not do well in a home where he is alone all day but would love to spend the day with his person either at work or home, or at doggy daycare to keep the boredom of being home alone at bay. He loves other dogs, but prefers female company if there is another dog in the home. 

As with all Pound Hounds, Leo must be allowed access to inside the home, so he can really be a part of the family. Fencing of 1.8m is essential as he has the huntaway spring in his step.

This kid is is a great young guy who really just needs someone to give him the love, time and attention he needs. He is really starting to come out of his shell and show us how much he has to offer.

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