Adoption Status: Available

Foster Status: On foster

DOB:  June 2016

Sex: Female

Breed: Collie X

Size: Medium (approx 17-18kg)

Fencing Requirements: Minimum 1.5m

Hobbies:    Pottering around, hanging out with her family, going on bunny hunts, doing agility, doing zoomies

Good Habits:  House trained, fast learner, clean, crate trained, basic agility training, eager to please, very quick mind

Bad Habits:   Struggles off lead in social settings with dogs/people she doesn't know as she gets overwhelmed quickly but if you give her a minute to calm down and keep her close, she is fine

Personality Type: Outgoing generally but also can get overwhelmed in new situations until she is sure of what is going on

Ideal Home: Loving home where her quick mind will be worked regularly, exploring, bunny hunting, tricks, agility. She also needs lots of snuggles every day as she is a very loving and sensitive girl.

Adoption Fee: $285

Lucy is a bright,  sweet and cuddly girl, who thrives on hooman attention.  She is currently in foster care on a rural life-style property, but has shown that while she has some of the typical Collie traits, she is not suited to life as a working dog, and will make a great “smart” pet for the right owner.  She is super eager to please and will do anything that is asked of her as long as there is a cuddle or a treat on offer. She loves to hang out with her foster mum and do fun things like agility and "bunny hunts" (scent training). 

Lucy loves to cuddle up with her foster mum in the evenings and snore her little head off. She loves investigating and getting involved in whatever is happening. Lucy also loves being chatted to while you go about your day - a perfect best friend.

Although Lucy is social with other dogs, she does struggle a bit in social situations (she does NOT like the dog park or doggie daycare) but is currently attending dog obedience classes at the moment to help her better handle social situations better. She is doing brilliantly and has really impressed the instructors. Lucy loves to play but needs an on lead introduction first to avoid over stimulation which leads to bad manners which can then be easily misread by other dogs.

Lucy gets on well with the house cat and the barn cat at her foster home, she will sniff and nuzzle them if they stand their ground, but she is still young and will chase a cat that runs.. She is good around horses and has learnt to respect the chickens too. She can forget her manners if the horses start running about so a watchful eye and a gentle reminder are still needed sometimes.  She is house and crate trained and knows more than just her basic training. 

Lucy is great with people, but can get a little intimidated by people who just rush on in and get in her face. With a quiet introduction though she is a lovely and gentle, just another person to give her a cuddle!

Lucy's foster mum says she is absolutely adorable and loves having her around. Lucy has been learning basic agility and tricks with her foster mum and has just mastered two new obstacles - long jump and the collapsible tunnel. She is a smart girl who picks things up quickly and has really grown in confidence since first coming into care. Her foster mum thinks she would make a great agility dog. 

Lucy is a best friend type companion. A hooman with a fairly active lifestyle would be ideal. She is very bright so will need mental stimulation also (learning tricks, doing agility etc). She is not the "throw a ball in the backyard and you're done" type of dog. All the hard work is done with this girl, she melts the hearts of everyone  that she meets and simply wants to be someones best friend. She loves life, snuggles and being involved in everything her hooman does. She has lovely manners, knows lots of tricks and commands.

Her foster mum says she is a very sweet girl who loves to please and just wants to be with her people. She loves her foster brothers and helping her foster mum around the garden, often collecting the fruit off the trees.

As with all Pound Hounds, Lucy must be allowed access to inside the home so she can really be a part of the family.

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