Monty and Muffin

Adoption Status: Available

Foster Status: In foster care

DOB:  Monty June 2007, Muffin December 2006

Sex: Both Male

Breed: Monty is a Toy Poodle x Miniature Poodle and Muffin is a Maltese x Jack Russell Terrier

Size:  Small

Fencing Requirements: Minimum 1.2m

Hobbies: Monty just wants cuddles and fuss all day long please, and to be a little shadow of his owner.  He also loves to sunbathe. Muffin loves to eat – “please sir, may I have some more”.

Good Habits: Both kids are very gentle, clean, and social with everybody (including other dogs)

Bad Habits: Monty is a bit fussy with his food.  Muffin quivers with fear during thunder storms and likes to hide under the blankets of your bed.

Personality Type: Both are relaxed, calm and friendly (low to medium energy). 

Special Needs:  Regular professional grooming for both dogs, some extra care for Muffin during thunder storms, plus his anal glands need emptying from time to time (cue when he scoots around on the floor on his behind).

Ideal Home: A calm household with gentle and quiet human occupants.  No kids, or noisy activities please.  Owners who are home during the day will be given preference

Adoption Fee: $300

Muffin and Monty are a package deal.  They have been together all their lives, and must live out the rest of their days together also. They really are a gorgeous pair, full of love and personality, and with good looks as well.   

They are currently in great health, and love to go on expeditions to the local park or other places with plenty of doggy smells for them to check out. Back home to some tasty and nutritious morsels for dinner, then a soft comfy bed for Muffin and a warm lap for Monty and their lives will be complete.

We are seeking a very special retirement home for these two where they can be guaranteed consistent care and attention and stability for the rest of their lives.  

Both Muffin and Monty will require regular grooming, flea and worm treatments, as well as good quality food to keep them in tip top shape for the remainder of their years.

As with all Pound Hounds,Muffin and Monty must be allowed access to inside the home so they can really be a part of the family.

Other Info: They have never lived with cats so cat free would be best


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