Poppa Bruce

Adoption Status: Available

Foster Status: On Foster

DOB: approx 10 years old

Sex: Male

Breed: Collie x

Size: Medium 

Fencing Requirements: Minimum 1.2 meters high

Hobbies: Relaxing, just quietly hanging out with a special human

Good Habits: Respectful, non-demanding, loyal, very social and playful with female dogs (fancies himself as bit of a charmer)

Bad Habits: Can be anti-social towards some male dogs (typical for a male dog not desexed at an earlier age), can be protective of his food

Adoption Fee: $185

Poppa Bruce is in his mature years and in need of a special home where he will be loved and cared for, for the rest of his days.  We estimate him to be around 9-10 years old?  He will be happiest just plodding around with you each day, in the garden or around the home.  

He is pretty well house-trained after spending time in foster care, and while he is happy to be outside on summer evenings watching the world go by, he would very much like to sleep on a raised bed beside the fire during the cooler months, preferably in view of the TV.  While the telly was initially a  bit of a surprise to him, he is now an avid follower of Shortland Street (and quite likes Coro too).  A rural home with a bit of space would be perfect for Poppa, as he still has a spring in his step, and he enjoys chasing the odd rabbit.

He has had a bad flea infestation in his past life which caused significant hair loss, but this is now fully grown back.  His new owner must be dedicated to providing regular flea treatments so he never has to experience this discomfort ever again.  Could you love Poppa Bruce?

Other Info: