Adoption Status: Available

Foster Status: In Foster Care

DOB:  approx May 2015

Sex: Male

Breed: Huntaway x

Size:  Medium (approx 20kgs)

Fencing Requirements: Minimum 1.5m

Hobbies: Sunbathing, going for walks, checking out new places, playing with his friends, getting cuddles, being with his hoomans

Good Habits: House trained, crate trained, dog social, friendly, knows basic manners, leash trained, good with cats

Bad Habits: Chews stuff, just needs to learn what he can chew and what he cant

Personality Type: Gentle, loving and happy

Special Requirements: None

Adoption Fee (Donation): $285

Rex is a truly lovely kid, just waiting for an equally lovely owner to show him how great life can be. He hadn't really experienced much of life off the chain before going into foster care, and now he is loving life, hanging out with his foster mum and furry foster brother and going for walks on the beach.

Rex is a friendly and social boy who really enjoys a cuddle and a bit of attention. He will be a very loyal mate and is the type who will form a strong bond with his person.

His new hooman will ideally be at home for most of the day (or at least want to take Rex with them most of the time), enjoy daily walks or runs off the property, will enjoy teaching Rex about "playing" (he's just discovered the "chase the ball" game and especially likes when it bounces) and will take make sure Rex has all his needs met every single day (a warm, clean bed, good food - every day, daily exercise, regular flea and worm treatments, treats and toys, and a vet visit every year or so to make sure everything is in tip top shape as well as lots of love and attention). 

Rex is great with other dogs but can get a little overwhelmed if in groups of more than 3 dogs at a time but soon gains confidence. He loves to play with one or two dogs and happily races and chases. Another calm dog in the family to hang out with would be a bonus for Rex. Rex is also very good with his foster mum's cat. He has shown no interest in the cat at all and also no interest in the chooks. Rex has also met horses and children and did great with both although older, calm children would be best for Rex. 

Rex is a great all around easy, calm and happy boy. He loves people (cuddles are a prerequisite please) and is happy to just cruise. He loves a good run or walk and once that's done, he is happy to just snooze in the sun. His foster mum describes him as a "baby rhino", soft and sweet and learning, but he also charges around the place doing zoomies from time to time. He is super loving and a great kid.

As with all Pound Hounds, Rex must be allowed access to inside the home so she can really be a part of the family.

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