Adoption Status: Available

Foster Status: Available to foster

DOB:  approx June 2017

Sex: Female

Breed: American Bulldog X

Size:  Medium Large (approx 28kg)

Fencing Requirements: Minimum 1.5m, preferably 1.8m

Hobbies: Playing with her toys, playing with other dogs, lying in the sun, having cuddle

Good Habits: House trained, crate trained, dog social, knows basic manners

Bad Habits: Anxious/fearful in some new situations, not good with chickens

Personality Type: Loving, loyal, protective, needs a gentle, consistent and responsible person

Special Requirements: None

Adoption Fee (Donation): $185

Ricki is a young girl who is desperate to get out and experience the joys of life. She is toy mad! Give her a box of toys, and she will make her way through it with careless abandon (the lounge will be littered with toys). Squeaky toys, kongs, balls, soft fluffy toys, treat balls (where she has to roll it around persistently to get her breakfast out) – she isn’t fussy, and she LOVES hide and seek games eg you hide it and she will find it. Sadly Ricki is yet to learn about picking them up afterwards …

Next to toys, Ricki loves to play with other dogs. She has attended doggy day-care previously and loved it. Ricki is usually the dog on the ground, with another slobbery mutt jumping on her or dragging her around by the collar. 

We don’t know how Ricki is with cats and other small animals, but we suspect a home without small pets would be best.

Ricki can be quite protective of her home and family, and some common sense will be needed to manage this properly.  For this reason, Ricki is not suited to a home with small children, but older kids over 12 years would be great.

Ricki has been mistreated in her past, and as a result of this she can be uncertain with some people until they take the time to interact with her and win over her affections, so again, an experienced dog owner is required to ensure her safety. Also, positive reinforcement interaction and training only is recommended as "dominating" will only make her more fearful.

As with all Pound Hounds, Ricki must be allowed access to inside the home so she can really be a part of the family.



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