Rosebud and William

Adoption Status: Available

Foster Status: In foster care

DOB:  Rosebud approx 10-11 years, William approx 9-10 years

Sex: Rosebud = Female, William = Male

Breed: Bichon Frise

Size:  Small

Fencing Requirements: Minimum 1m

Hobbies: Snuggling up together, William loves to play, Rosebud loves to wander the garden and smell the scents, getting cuddles and treats

Good Habits: House trained, crate trained, dog social, friendly, know basic manners, well behaved, loving

Bad Habits: Rosebud will sometimes bark at the neigbours, William will sometimes bark because Rosebud is barking.

Personality Type: Loving, friendly, sweet, gentle. Rosebud is independent and quiet, William is more bouncy and playful

Ideal Home: A nice quiet home with a loving and gentle owner

Special Requirements: Both Rosebud and William will require regular grooming.

Adoption Fee: $300

Rosebud and William are a package deal. These two live and breathe each other so for that reason, they will only be rehomed together.

Rosebud and William are well behaved and cuddly older poundies, searching for their retirement home. At a time that should be their golden years they have gone through some hard times, but we are determined to find them a wonderful home together where they can happily spend the rest of their days being loved and pampered.

Rosebud and William are both very social with people and dogs. Although Rosebud will alert her foster family to the presence of intruders (and visitors, and the neighbours) on occasion and William will bark along with her for moral support. Both know their names and come when called and their foster mum says they are both well mannered and responsive to their people.

William is the more energetic of the two, he will happily bounce around and play, jumping up from time to time for cuddles. Rosebud is more independent and happy to either sit quietly in a warm spot or wander around the garden smelling the smells. She's a bit of a singing fan too, and will howl along with you if you howl.

Both Rosebud and William will require regular grooming, flea and worm treatments and cleaning around their eyes as well as good quality food to keep them in tip top shape for the remainder of their years.

As with all Pound Hounds,Rosebud and William must be allowed access to inside the home so they can really be a part of the family.

Other Info: We dont know how they are with cats


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