Adoption Status: Available

Foster Status: Available to Foster

DOB:  Approximately January 2018

Sex: Female

Breed: Collie x 

Size: She is still growing but we anticipate she will be a medium to large sized girl when grown

Fence Requirements:  Minimum of 1.5m high

Hobbies: Hanging out, getting cuddles, eating, playing with her toys, discovering new things, finding "treasures" for her people, rolling in the grass, walkies and belly rubs 

Good Habits:  Smart and attentive, willing to learn, keen for a cuddle, good on lead, plays well with other dogs, crate trained, house trained, very tolerant with kids

Bad Habits: A bit jumpy when over excited but she's working on it

Adoption Fee: $285

Sally is a super cuddly, sweet natured, happy girl. She loves her toys, and loves her food and loves to please her people. 

Sally is a very intelligent girl and loves her toys (especially chasing her ball). Being a bit of a smarty pants as well as an active girl, she has the potential to be a wonderful agility dog in the right home. Sally loves to hang out with her people in the garden and brings all sorts of "treasures" as presents. She has loads of energy to burn, but is still very much a puppy and easily konks out for the whole night on her bed after a day filled with playing and fun.                   

Sally is good with other dogs and puppies once introduced properly, and going to a fun place like dog obedience school or agility training would be great for her so she can meet up with other dogs and learn more about being a good member of doggy society.  She already knows how to be a good girl inside, is crate trained and house trained and knows her basic manners. Sally is the type of girl who will thrive in a home with boundaries as this is comforting to her. She has shown little interest in cats or rabbits, but has displayed some herding tendencies and likes to chase birds so a small animal free home would be best or a home with a cat that will stand up for itself.

Sally would love to have a home where she is truly valued. Lots of time with her people, time to explore the local parks and streets, games and fun at home and of course, lots of cuddles. Another older calm dog in the home would be a bonus for Sally.

As with all Pound Hounds, Sally must be allowed access to inside the home, so she can really be a part of the family. 

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