Adoption Status: Available

Foster Status: In foster care

DOB:  approx July 2017 

Sex: Female

Breed: Staffy x French Bulldog (?)

Size:  Medium Stocky (she is small in height but solid in build)

Fencing Requirements: Minimum 1.5m, prefer 1.8m

Hobbies: Relaxing on the couch with her hooman foster brother, running around the yard, playing with her toys, tossing them in the air and catching them, chasing her furry foster brother, lying in front of the fire, lying in the sun, lying anywhere warm, EATING!! Exploring the smells in the garden

Good Habits: Quiet (rarely barks), house trained, dog social, loves kids, friendly, loyal, loving, gentle

Bad Habits: Stubborn when she doesn't want to get off the couch and go outside, strong prey drive - not good with chickens or small animals

Personality Type: Loving, gentle, friendly and loyal, happy and smiley girl 

Nick Names: Tiger, Tigger, Tigs, Miss Tiggie Winkle

Adoption Fee (Donation): $285

Tiggie is a very pretty girl with very unique markings and colour and a beautiful smile. She is a soft and gentle girl who loves kids. Tiggie is currently living with a family, and she is very drawn towards the children in the family. She loves women also and is slowly growing in confidence around men.

We suspect Tiggie has had some rough times in her short life so far, as she is extremely fearful of sticks (brooms etc), and because of this she will need a calm and peaceful home with caring people who understand the need to be patient and kind with her. 

Tiggie has a strong prey drive towards poultry and small animals.  We will NOT adopt her to a home with cats or other small furry pets.  For this reason she will also require superb fencing to keep her safely at home, with conscientious owners who keep the gate and front door shut.

Tiggies foster parents say she is a fast learner who has slotted well into their family. She has learnt to sit and wait for her dinner, walk on a lead and to take treats gently from your hand. She LOVES her hooman foster brother and sister and snuggling up on the couch for a cuddle and a belly rub. She is growing in confidence every day and loves children, teenagers and women. Her foster dad has been working really hard to gain her trust and show her that not all men are scary. The thing her foster family think makes her most special is her loyalty and deire to spend time with you - and her smile.

If you want a loyal, cuddly, sun-loving dog with a playful nature and you are well fenced, and you have experience with dog ownership, please consider Tiggie.

As with all Pound Hounds dogs, Tiggie must be allowed access to inside the home so she can really be a part of the family

Other Info: NO cats, chickens or small animals

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