Welcome to the No Parvo No Puppies Community Desexing and Vaccination Program!

You're doing a great thing for your dog/s by signing up! Desexing and vaccinating your dog will make them so much healthier and will help give them a longer, happier life.

Criteria for joining the No Parvo No Puppies program are:

Waipa and Otorohanga residents only at this stage (proof of address is required)

Male or female dog 6 months of age or over

Community services card holder or referral from Waipa Animal Control

Able to get your dog to our vets in either Cambridge, Te Awamutu or Otorohanga

Minimum $25 towards Parvo vaccination or $70 towards desexing (male) $90 towards desexing (female) or $110 towards desexing if your dog is human or dog aggressive

We only have limited spaces available for this program at the moment and it is ONLY for those who genuinely need help so if you can afford to pay yourself, please do it. If you DO genuinely need help, fill out the form to join and once it's your turn we'll let you know your space is ready. You will need to pay your portion of the treatment fee donation before your dog receives their treatment, but if you can't pay in full right away, that's ok as we do have a $10 per week payment option for you too.

All dogs that enter the program for desexing will be vaccinated for Parvo if they aren't already. All dogs that enter the program will also be microchipped - but don't worry if your dog isn't, we'll do that for you free of charge and we'll also register the microchip on the New Zealand Companion Animal Register so if your dog ever gets lost, then they can find their way home again through the details on the microchip. This microchip register isn't the same as the one that Council uses and we won't give Council your details unless you say we can.

If your dog is currently pregnant or has had puppies, please let us know. Your dog can still join the program and we may also be able to help with taking the pups into our care, finding them really great homes and making sure they're vaccinated and desexed as well (we'll sort out the puppies at no cost to you, you just pay your part for Mama dog). We also need to know if your dog is sick as this may affect their treatment.

The details you provide to Pound Hounds Rescue will be kept private and will not be shown to anyone other than the nominated vet clinic your dog will go to for their treatment and to the NZCAR people when we register your dogs new microchip. We may however use your dog's name and photo (NOT your name or photo) on social media to promote this program.

To join our No Parvo No Puppies Community Desexing and Vaccination program, simply fill out the form by clicking the button below.


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