Frankie (was Scoobie)

Adoption Status: Available to Adopt

Foster Status: In foster care

DOB:  dob 26/04/2022 (1 year 10 months)

Sex: Male

Breed: Golden Labrador x Whippet x Cattle Dog (we know Frankie's parents)

Size: Large (approx 30kgs)

Fencing Requirements: Minimum 1.5m, dog-proof fencing around the home.

Hobbies: Playing with his toys (LOVES playing tug - even if it's on his own!), exploring, chewing (appropriate) stuff, naps, adventures, snuggles, hanging out with his hoomans, eating/playing with ice cubes, playing fetch in the river

Good Habits: House and crate trained, knows basic manners (sit, shake, down, bed, roll over and more), affectionate, dog social, toy motivated, has lived with cats previously, loves people, ignores the chooks next door, well behaved out and about (cafes, pet shops etc), quiet (doesn't bark), good in the car, leaves indoor plants alone.

Bad Habits: Will pull on the leash at the start of a walk but quickly settles and is easily corrected (he's just excited) and after that he's great on leash, chews if bored or not exercised enough -but is super lazy once he's had enough exercise and only tends to disembowel teddies or chew his own toys/sticks (maybe the odd pillow...) when he's not had enough exercise.

Personality Type: Medium-high energy, confident, playful, adventurous, best mate sort

Special Requirements: Frankie does have seasonal skin allergies (spring time grasses), we have sorted this with an annual Cytopoint injection (he does NOT need monthly injections, just once a year), a hybrid raw meat/kibble (bickies) and veges diet that's high in fish and a rinse down with water after each walk. He's responded to beautifully to this routine and is now looking AH-Mazing. Super easy to do - we'll give Frankie's new hoomans full details on what we've been doing

Adoption Fee: $320

Ideal Home: Frankie would do best in a home where he gets out for regular exercise daily - especially in the morning. He would make a FAB hiking, walking or running buddy. He is used to being in a home with shift workers so is capable of being home alone all day, but would love a home where his hoomans are home at least some of the day to hang out with as he's a real people person. A home with no children or children over 12 would be best as he is still young and doesn't realise his size sometimes. Frankie is used to being the only dog in the home but would likely be fine in a home with another calm and social female dog. He's wary of "mean dawgs" who bark at him on walks (he'll actively avoid them) . Frankie has lived with cats previously so would likely be fine in a home with a confident cat who is dog savvy and doesn't run (he used to play with one of the cats in his previous home and was terrified of the other).

Frankie first came into our care as a wee pup with his littermates. We found him a home but unfortunately, he recently came back into our care after a relationship break up. They were both unable to take him so he came back into our care - through no fault of his own. He was very sad for the first little while and really didn't understand what was going on and where his hoomans had gone. Sadly he also wasn't in the best condition with a case of "happy tail", a missing toe nail, being very overweight and pretty poor skin condition.

Luckily for Frankie, we're no strangers to unhealthy doggos around here so we got him a shot of Cytopoint for his skin, got him on some super good quality food and proper exercise and he's now slimmed down, his coat is beautiful, his tail is all healed up, toe nail is growing back and he's no longer itchy! Lucky for Frankie his foster family is a house full of nurses so he got the very best care! Frankie's skin issue is VERY easily taken care of and is one of the more mild cases we've seen. We believe that an annual (one injection once a year) Cytopoint injection at the start of Spring along with a good quality diet (he's currently on Arcana Fish and a raw diet of veges and meat blended together) will keep his skin in great condition. He's not a hugely foody dog (in fact he's just a snacker really, often leaving food in his bowl till later) so he's not super expensive to feed either.

Frankie is an absolute goof!! He is an absolute sweetheart that loves snuggles and is always able to put a smile on your face. He'll give you a wet nudge with his nose or gentle head lay on your lap to let you know that he wants a pat. He does have a tendency to fall off the couch when rolling over however... he has limited co-ordination or spatial awareness at times haha. He's on several occasions run into the closed dishwasher with his head. - he ain't the brightest, but makes up for with his fun, loveable and loyal nature.

Frankie has been well socialised with other dogs and did go to daycare when with his previous hoomans, however he often doesn't know his size and is a bit of a boof head when playing, so needs to find friends that he can play with, that like to play like he does. He prefers the ladies to the boys but he's been fine with both. In a home however, he would do best with another calm, easygoing but playful female dog (he's lived on his own previously with 2 cats and is currently the only animal in his foster home). Frankie's lead walking is great and he loves a good walk, but he does pull a little at first if he's excited - he settles really quickly though so no worries there.

Frankie has lived with 2 cats in his previous home and while he doesn't have one in his current foster home, he seems to be fine with them (although we suspect he'd likely chase if they ran - can't blame a guy for that) so a confident, dog savvy cat who doesn't run would be fine (not one that would attack him though, he's a sensitive soul and cats that are mean really scare him). He's also completely ignored the chooks at the neighbours (although he hasn't come face to face with them so sensible introductions would be key).

Frankie is good with kids but he's a big, goofball of a guy when he's playing. For that reason, we think he would best suit a home with either no kids or dog savvy kids over the age of 12. He is house and crate trained and loves a good snuggle on the couch so you'll need to be prepared for that ;) Frankie LOVES tug of war, it's his absolute fav game! He'll even play it on his own if he has to! (check out the vids to see him playing on his own). He loves a good snuggle and really enjoys walking and exploring. Another fav is playing fetch in the river/water - he's lived at the beach previously and loves it and now, he gets lots of play time at the river.

This big sook can be a little nervous in new places, loud unexpected noises like loud cars give him a bit of a fright but he's easily reassured with "his person" (no issues with storms or fireworks though, he's good as gold with those). He's been out on lots of walks to new areas, taken into Animates and cafes and he loves the attention he gets from all his new hooman friends. He'll settle in quickly and enjoy just chilling while you have your coffee.

Frankie would be a hopeless guard dog - he doesn't bark and he loves people! He's more likely to take out a burglar with his whippy tail and butt wiggle! hahaha 

Frankie is an uncoordinated goof ball that can always put a smile on your face. He gives the best hugs and loves a proper snuggle on the couch. He has absolutely nailed the puppy dog eyes but don't believe him or he will have you wrapped around his little finger. He is always up for a game of tug of war, even if it's against himself. He loves a good bone broth Ice block in the summer heat (ice is one of his fav foods).

Frankie's foster mum says "He will be a wonderful addition to any family, he just wants a forever hooman to love him and give him snuggles."

Frankie would best suit a home with people who are looking for a companion to hang out and go on adventures with, who are prepared to treat him like one of the family, give him loads of love but also clear rules and boundaries (he does really well with consistency, a clear routine and boundaries). He's a playful and happy guy but he's also quite a sensitive guy so needs hoomans who will be confident and calm around him. He gets very attached to his people so any new hoomans must be prepared to come spend some time with him before taking them to their home should they adopt so that it's not such a difficult transition for him. 

If you can provide Frankie with a fully fenced property, quality food, regular flea and worm treatments, a comfy and warm bed, a spot on the couch, games and toys and most of all lots of love for the rest of his days, click on the apply to adopt button and complete the application form.

Thanks for checking out handsome guy Frankie's profile! We cant wait to help him find his forever hoomans, could that be you?


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