Adoption Status: Available to Adopt

Foster Status: In Foster Care

DOB:  approx May 2020 (around 6-6.5 months old)

Sex: Female

Breed: "Poundie Special" we think she may have some Mastiff in there but it's a bit of a guess really

Size: We think Lola will be a slim medium to large girl when fully grown

Fencing Requirements: Minimum 1.6m-1.8m of secure, dog-proof fencing around the home (no farm fencing)

Hobbies: Playing with doggy friends, snuggles on the couch, getting cuddles and attention (belly rubs are a new fav!), learning new things, going on adventures,, playing with her toys (but not squeakies, they're scary), finding treasures

Good Habits:  Loving, gentle, sweet natured, social with hoomans, social with dogs, affectionate, very smart, LOVES food, eager to please, very trainable

Bad Habits: No bad habits yet as she's still a baby but she will jump up when over-excited, however she settles very quickly and is learning that jumping up is not ok. She will bury her treasures but is not a massive hole digger (however if you don't like holes then a puppy probably isn't for you)

Personality Type: Medium-lowish energy but still definitely likes to get out for a good walk every day, sensitive, sweet natures, happy, playful, inquisitive, great company 

Special Requirements: None that we're aware of

Ideal Home:  Lola is still a baby and is loving life in foster care in her first REAL home. She LOVES her people and wants to spend all her time with you because she's discovered these things called "belly rubs" and "couch". A home where she gets to hang out with her hoomans at least part of the day or have some company would be ideal. Her foster parents currently work from home. Lola is fantastic with other dogs so far - her bestie is our other pup Tilly. They play and play and play. Lola is in a foster home where she is the only animal, but we believe with her eagerness to please, she would likely be ok with a bossy cat that doesn't run with the right introductions in her new home. She also seems to be good with kids, however she is a pup and does jump up when excited and she is also a bit nervous of loud noises (squeaky toys are terrifying for Lola) so we think she'd prefer a calm home with older kids (over 12) or a child free home. Lola is a smart girl (as you'll see in the vids) so needs a home where she is going to have the opportunity to use her brain, this will also help to build her confidence in new situations!  She would love a home where she could get lots of loves and couch time. She is still a baby so she needs a home where someone is going to spend lots of time playing fun games and doing all sorts of training and socialisation in all sorts of situations (not just with dogs, but out and about meeting new people and other animals and going into new situations) with her so she learns great manners and can become a great doggy citizen. She was a little unsure in the car at first however, her foster parents have done a great job of teaching her it's not scary and she now loves to go for car rides.

Adoption Fee: $320

Lola is a sweet girl who loves cuddles. She is a very gentle and loving girl with a soft and sweet nature who just wants to please you. She loves being around her humans but can entertain herself when they aren’t around.

Though Lola is already over 20kgs, she loves to snuggle up with you on the couch, and it’s a bonus if she can be on your lap! She is quick to warm up to new people and loves to play and give kisses once she feels comfortable, which usually comes after a few belly rubs.

Lola loves to play fetch and go for walks. She’s very inquisitive and loves to be able to get out and see new things on her walks. She is generally friendly with other dogs after a calm meet and greet. She is currently being walked on a harness as we want to give her the nicest experience possible while out and about and having her on her collar would hurt her throat. We would recommend any new family continue with walking on a harness.

Lola can sit, shake, stay, lay down and go inside or outside on command. We are working on walking better on leash as she is still very excited for her daily walks. She can get scared by new or loud noises or places. She often just needs a little encouragement to get through those scary things so a home that will encourage her gently to learn and do new things will be super important for building her confidence and helping her feel safe. For this reason we believe a quiet home with older children (over 12) or no children would be best for Lola.

Lola is house trained and crate trained, however, she is so quiet that she often will not let you know if she needs to go toilet so her new family would still need to be consistent with showing her where to toilet and making sure she is able to go out when she needs to to avoid any accidents. She will also go into her crate at night without any fuss and settle right down to sleep. 

Lola would love a home where someone is home more often than not, another gentle male dog in the home that she could learn from, would also be a bonus She loves her humans and being around them. She generally enjoys play with other dogs or fetch with her human rather than playing on her own. While she can entertain herself, she certainly enjoys having someone around with her. Lola is a smart girl and a fast learner, she has already learnt her basic manners and some tricks as well as to not to go in the kitchen and not to beg at the dinner table. She will also put herself to bed when she’s tired and loves a good nap.  She can get jumpy and mouthy when she’s excited (mostly in the morning when she’s happy to be awake and out of the crate!) but this is a very puppy behaviour and her foster parents are helping her to learn appropriate ways to show she's excited.

Can you offer Lola a safe and loving forever home full of adventures, company, quality food, a warm bed, regular flea and worm treatments, and most importantly loads of love for the rest of her days? 

As with all Pound Hounds, Lola must be allowed inside the home (this includes sleeping) so she can really be part of the family. 


Thanks for checking out gorgeous Lola's profile! We cant wait to find her forever hoomans, could that be you?

Just so you know:
It is important to us that we find the best match for our Poundies needs and personalities which is why, in order to be considered for adoption of Lola, we'll need you to complete an application form. We do not work on a first in first served basis, we work hard to find the best match for our Poundies needs and personality.

All applications are subject to a background check with Council Animal Control.


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