Adoption Status: Available to Adopt

Foster Status: In foster care

DOB:  approx 12-13 weeks old (she's just started losing her baby teefs)

Sex: Female

Breed: Mixed breed Poundie special (we've got her down as a Staffy x but suspect there may be some Shepherd in there too? Hard to say without a dna test)

Size: We think she'll be a medium - large girl when fully grown 

Fencing Requirements: Minimum 1.5m or higher secure, dog-proof fencing around the home.

Hobbies: Playing chasey and tug with her furry foster brother, lying in the sun, learning new things, being with her people, snuggles, exploring, playing with her toys (her teddy is her fav)

Good Habits:  Affectionate, social with hoomans, social with dogs, already has lovely manners (can sit, lie down), almost completely house trained (can use a dog door), crate trained, learning about lead walking and already walks nicely, eager to please, super food motivated and VERY VERY smart

Bad Habits: She's a pup, she doesn't have bad habits yet but this girl is very smart and full of energy so she's going to need a hooman that can keep up with her. She will chase cats but is learning it's not ok and will come away when called - this is a work in progress.

Personality Type: Medium-high energy, outgoing, great company (affectionate without being needy), very fun to have around, eager to please

Special Requirements: None that we're aware of

Ideal Home: Luna is only a baby still so will need someone at home with her during the day. She is a very social girl and would love a busy home with other animals and especially another calm and good mannered dog to play with and learn from. When she's old enough she will also love to get out and about to explore and go on adventures. We believe she'll be an active girl so will need a home that can keep up with her energy - physically AND mentally as she is amazingly smart and loves to learn. Luna is an outstanding and highly intelligent pup so will need a home with hoomans who are active and experienced with smart dogs and are looking for a smart pup to do all sorts of training with. She currently learned sit and down the first day in foster care and is mimicking the tricks now that her older furry foster brother does (paw, sit pretty). It's hard to believe she's only 12-13 weeks old with how fast she learns.

Adoption Fee: $350

Luna found herself in the pound as only a wee baby around 9 weeks old. After doing her time and not being claimed, she came straight into our care and into an amazing foster home that has been teaching her loads of great stuff. And boy has she been enjoying all the learning!

Luna is a wonderful happy and loving girl who loves life and exploring everything in it! She loves to learn, loves to play and loves spending time with her family (hooman and furry!). She's learning all about good doggy manners and picks up things SUPER fast so will need a hooman who is prepared to keep working that giant brain of hers. She would do great in a home where she got to do things like Rally-O or scent training or maybe even agility when she's old enough. 

Luna is completely house trained now and has taught herself how to use the dog door to go outside for toilet (and to follow the cat). She is also crate trained and super food motivated. She will likely be a food thief when she gets older so any new family will need to keep an eye on that (she found her food bag the other day and decided to feed herself... she may have some Lab in her somewhere haha).

Luna's foster mum says "Luna is a confident, cheeky and very smart girl, she loves people and other dogs. She is delighted to see you even if you've just stepped out of the room for a minute. She makes great little noises when she yawns and loves her toys. She's funny, loving and energetic. She is an exceptional pup."

Can you offer Luna a safe forever home full of adventures, company, quality food, a warm bed, regular flea and worm treatments, and most importantly loads of love for the rest of her days? 

As with all Pound Hounds, Luna must be allowed inside the home (this includes sleeping) so she can really be part of the family. 


Thanks for checking out gorgeous Luna's profile! We cant wait to find her forever hoomans, could that be you?

Just so you know:
It is important to us that we find the best match for our Poundies needs and personalities which is why, in order to be considered for adoption of Luna, we'll need you to complete an application form. We do not work on a first in first served basis, we work hard to find the best match for our Poundies needs and personality.

All applications are subject to a background check with Council Animal Control.


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