Adoption Status: Available to Adopt

Foster Status: In Foster Care

DOB: 9 weeks old (born 1st June 2020)

Sex: Male

Breed: Mixed - Mum is a Collie x Foxy, dad is suspected to be a Staffy

Size: We expect Major will be a big boy around 25-30kgs

Fencing Requirements: Minimum 1.5m of secure, dog-proof fencing around the home

Hobbies: Snuggles, playing with sister and the big furry kids that come to visit, naps, , playing with toys, exploring the garden

Good Habits:  Happy, social with hoomans, social with dogs, affectionate, almost house trained, fast learner, learning basic manners

Bad Habits: He's a puppy so no "bad habits" but will need ongoing training and socialisation with a range of things. Likes to pick flowers... not to give you, just to pull apart

Personality Type: Happy go lucky, bit of a boofhead, a little shy at first when meeting new dogs but warms up quickly. Suspect he will be medium energy when fully grown.

Special Requirements: None that we're aware of 

Ideal Home:  Major is still too little to be on his own all day so would need a home with someone around most of the time and bonus points for another gentle and tolerant dog to learn from and play with. He absolutely loves to snuggle up with you for naps so would love to be allowed on sofas and/or your bed. 

Adoption Fee: $350

Major is a super cutie who gives great snuggles. He's a bit of a boofhead that loves to just play and run around, he gets himself into some funny situations often! Just this week, as Mini was about to chase him, he turned and ran straight into a plant and bounced off!

Major, his sister Mini and their mum Marlowe came into our care recently having been rescued from a less than ideal situation, the rest of Major's brothers and sisters (8 in total) headed to another rescue to find their new families. All puppies and Mum have lovely sweet natures - Mum Marlowe is fantastic with other dogs and very people social with a loving, happy go lucky, outgoing nature. Major looks nothing like his mum but has her sweet nature. We don't know who dad was but were told they suspect dad was a Staffy x.

Major loves to play with his sister Mini and even though he's much bigger than her, she certainly holds her own and lets him know who's boss! Major has been socialised with bigger dogs also and although he's a little shy and unsure at first, if they are gentle and kind with him he soon warms up and wants to follow them around and play. Major is a big softy and relies on his people to help him feel safe, often sitting on your foot if he's feeling unsure.

Major LOVES people, but can be a little cautious of visitors or people he doesn't know at first, but he warms up pretty quickly if people give him a chance to realise they aren't mean or scary. He looooves his snuggle sessions with the people in his foster home. He's just a big goofball who loves to play and sleep. He gives THE best puppy snuggles when it's nap time according to his foster mum.

Puppy preschool and ongoing socialisation with a range of animals, people, situations and places will be a must for Major while he is still young enough to learn so any potential home must be committed to providing this for him. Once he gets older he will require at least a minimum of 1 hour per day off the property walks to get the exercise he needs - remember, he's part Collie so he's a smarty pants too despite his boofheadedness at times so any new home will need to be prepared to give him fun stuff to do (games, ongoing training etc) to work his smarty brain.

Major is currently in a foster home with cats and has been introduced to a bunny. He has shown that he has a chase instinct - at this stage it's just curiosity more than anything however, should he go to a home with cats, this will need ongoing training and we recommend either a home with a cat that stands it's ground or no cats at all. No furry critters like bunnies or guinea pigs.

Puppies can be hard work, are you prepared for all the training you'll need to do and enrichment you'll need to provide?

Can you offer Major a safe home full of adventures, company, quality food, a warm bed, regular flea and worm treatments, and most importantly loads of love for the rest of his days? 

As with all Pound Hounds, Major must be allowed inside the home (this includes sleeping) so he can really be part of the family. 


Thanks for checking out handsome Major's profile! We cant wait to find his forever hoomans, could that be you?

Just so you know:
It is important to us that we find the best match for our Poundies needs and personalities which is why, in order to be considered for adoption of Major, we'll need you to complete an application form. We do not work on a first in first served basis, we work hard to find the best match for our Poundies needs and personality.

All applications are subject to a background check with Council Animal Control.


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