Charlize (Charlie)

Adoption Status: Available to Adopt

Foster Status: In Foster Care

DOB: approx 11 months old

Sex: Female

Breed: Labrador x Boxer?

Size: Medium (approx 25kg)

Fencing Requirements: Minimum 1.6m of secure, dog-proof fencing around the home, prefer 1.8m

Hobbies: Hanging out with her people, learning new things, playing with her friends, playing with her toys, EATING!

Good Habits:  Happy, social with hoomans, appears to be social with dogs, affectionate, house trained, super food motivated, not a big barker, fast learner, learning basic manners

Bad Habits: Super food motivated (she'll lick the bench clean if you don't watch out, pulls when on leash but is learning manners, a little bit jumpy when excited (we're working on that too)

Personality Type: Enthusiastic, happy and sweet natured. Medium high energy (she'll need more than a walk around the block)

Special Requirements: None that we're aware of 

Ideal Home:  Charlie would do well in an active home where she gets to learn and play and go on adventures with her hoomans. If there are children in the home, older dog savvy kids would be best (over 12). Would make a great running or hiking buddy. Another easy going male dog in the home would be a bonus.

Adoption Fee: $320

Yep, Charlie is a girl, her name is actually Charlize, but we call her Charlie for short.

Charlie's a cheerful, cuddly, enthusiastic and sweet girl who thrives on human and dog attention. She has a goofy and cheeky personality, and likes to make you laugh with her silly antics! She's a big fan of cuddles, and wants to be as close to you as possible - she's convinced she makes the perfect lap dog, and she's not wrong! She's bouncy and bright, but she's also really engaged with you and listens really well.

Charlie loves anything involving food - chewing on bones, playing with food toys, scatter feeding and snuffle mats, hunting for thrown treats! She's got an excellent nose for food and this could easily be channeled into scent training. She also loves playing chase and wrestling with doggy friends, napping in comfy places, enjoys playing tug and is learning to fetch - lots of enthusiasm, less so on the skills! This week, Charlie has been learning food manners, working out how to settle in the crate, practicing waits and downs, loose-leash walking and general house skills.

We're still learning about Charlie at the moment as she's only just come into our care. She does appear to be dog social (especially with the boys) but we haven't had a lot of chances to test her much with the lock down. We do not know how Charlie is with cats. Charlie can be a little weary of men and will bark at them at first but with a little care and getting down to her level (and of course food to bribe her with) she soon comes around.

Can you offer Charlie a safe home full of adventures, company, quality food, a warm bed, regular flea and worm treatments, and most importantly loads of love for the rest of her days? 

As with all Pound Hounds, Charlie must be allowed inside the home (this includes sleeping) so she can really be part of the family. 


Thanks for checking out gorgeous Charlie's profile! We cant wait to find his forever hoomans, could that be you?

Just so you know:
It is important to us that we find the best match for our Poundies needs and personalities which is why, in order to be considered for adoption of Charlie, we'll need you to complete an application form.

All applications are subject to a background check with Council Animal Control.


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