Adoption Status: Available

Foster Status: In Foster Care

DOB:  8.5 years old

Sex: Male

Breed: Neopolitan Mastiff X

Size: Extra Large (he's 50kgs)

Fencing Requirements: Minimum 1.5m of secure, dog-proof fencing around the home

Hobbies: Hanging out with his people, learning new things, sleeping in the sunshine, pottering around the section, doing his twice daily zoomies, keeping a close eye on all food related proceedings, chewing his bone, hogging the couch, getting the loves.

Good Habits:  Very social with hoomans, very social with dogs, affectionate, house trained, very eager to learn, very eager to please, gentle and appropriate with children, not a barker.

Bad Habits: NOT good with cats, he will chase them, has been caught licking the butter dish and stolen a block of cheese off the bench... (but who can blame him really... cheese!)

Personality Type: A gentle giant, full of love and tries very hard to do the right thing. Very affectionate, low energy (but still has energy despite his age). Koda is playful, loving and open to learning. Loves having a family of his own and just wants to be part of it all.

Special Requirements: None that we're aware of (although he does prefer softer food).

Ideal Home:  With a gentle, affectionate family that appreciate his huge heart and loving nature. With gentle older children (over 10) or other dogs as he seems to enjoy both. A home with no small (or fast-moving animals) and definitely no cats, with space for him to move around the home without banging into things; he is a big unit to turn around in a hallway, and outside space for him to stretch his legs.He would love to have someone to be with during the day.

Adoption Fee: $220

Look at that face! Koda is a handsome and gentle older gentleman who is full of love and is looking forward to having a family all of his very own. Everyone who meets this guy, falls in love. 

Don't let the fact that he's older fool you - this guy has wayyyyy more pep in his step than you would expect from a kid his age. He happily tears around his foster home for his twice daily zoomies and is always happy to join in the fun playing around the section with his foster family.

Koda is fully house trained and loves nothing more than hanging out with his people, playing with his toys and getting attention and cuddles (naps on the couch rate pretty high up there too), chewing his bone and laying in the sunshine. He loves to get out for a walk and sniff the smells, but he's not really what we'd call high energy haha.  We believe Koda would do best in a home where he could be with his people all day. He's a big sook and will cry if he can't be with you at first - although that does come right once he feels safe and secure and he'd love to have another laid back dog to hang out with.

Koda is super smoochy; when you lie down next to him he lies his head over your arm and gives a great big sigh, closes his eyes and snuggles in.Once or twice a day, he will lie on his back, wiggle around like a goofball, look at you with eyes rolling and wanting to play, then he will leap up, spin around, and sometimes roar off for a circuit of the house or lawn. If you give him a cushion he will lollop around the lawn with it like a trophy. 

Koda's foster family have been doing clicker training sessions (which he LOVES by the way) with him and he now knows 'look' and 'touch. He has learnt to stay out of the kitchen, and has also learnt not to barge through doorways before you. In a new environment or when excited, these behaviours may resurface at first until he knows what is expected of him but he is very trainable and very motivated by food so will be fine. He is a real softie and is quick to learn new rules. He tries very hard to do the right thing, and feels easily hurt when growled at.

Because of his age, size and breed, we have had Koda's hips, knees, teeth, lumps and general health checked by our vet team - they were AMAZED at how great condition he is in for his age and gave him a clean bill of health. He may need some joint support in the future but for now he is doing fantastically well.

Can you offer Koda a retirement home full of adventures, company, quality food, a warm bed, regular flea and worm treatments, safety and most importantly loads of love for the rest of his days? 

As with all Pound Hounds, Koda must be allowed inside the home (this includes sleeping) so he can really be part of the family. 


Thanks for checking out handsome Koda's profile! We cant wait to find his forever hoomans, could that be you?

Just so you know:
It is important to us that we find the best match for our Poundies needs and personalities which is why, in order to be considered for adoption of Koda, we'll need you to complete an application form.

All applications are subject to a background check with Council Animal Control.


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