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Possyum Supreme
A semi-moist dog roll made from fresh New Zealand possum meat blended with vitamins, minerals and garlic

Contains possum meat, lamb and/or beef, semolina, sucrose, garlic, preservatives, added vitamins & minerals  |  Pack Size 2kg 

 No Added Water | No Refrigeration Required | Complies with AAFCO/NZFSA

Possyum is a highly nutritious and palatable roll rich in omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fatty acids and high in proteins and vitamins. Dogs prefer possum meat and inclusion of this meat into their diets can result in improved appetites, healthy skin and coat.

Possum muscle meat is sourced from a processing facility licensed by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority for export and produced into rolls under stringent production criteria.
The removal of possums from our forests without the use of pesticides encourages the regeneration of New Zealand forests and the protection of our native birds.

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