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Poor Cecil came into care in a bit of a state! This old fella has had a rough life and was covered in lumps, bumps and sores. Not only that but he had hair loss from not being flea treated, a raging ear infection in BOTH ears and a pretty gnarly skin allergy going on too... this boy was pretty uncomfortable. But despite all that, he still LOVES any hooman he sees and will roll over on his back so you can rub his belly.

Cecil is now doing HEAPS better - the ear infections are gone and the lumps were nothing to worry about thank goodness, but it seems this guy's skin is going to take a bit of sorting out.

Cecil needs regular monthly injections to help with his allergies which we think are environmental as well as ongoing medicated baths to keep the yeast infections at bay

He also needs really great quality grain free food - in case the issue is food related too (we're putting him on a great grain free food called Addiction)

He ALSO needs an xray for a bit of a limp he has - we suspect its arthritis in his leg and if we're correct, he'll also need monthy Pentozan injections.

All this adds up to one very expensive Poundie! But we ADORE this guy and we think he deserves a wonderful, pain and itch free life so we're prepared to do what it takes until we can find a forever home that is willing to take over!

We would LOVE for your help. If you're keen to make a one off donation or subscribe as Cecil's sponsor we would really appreciate it (and so would he!)

Any funds raised over and above what Cecil needs for his care will go into our dedicated medical fund, used to help other Poundies in our care that may need a little more vet care over and above the usual care.

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