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Every year, our main fundraiser is catering the Huntly Agility Competitions. This year, thanks to Covid-19, the competition in September were cancelled and our main source of funds for our Poundies was gone with it... BUT! It's back on again on the 7th and 8th of November, and now, in order to raise as much as we can for all the kids in care who need extra help - we need YOUR help!

One of our biggest hurdles with this fundraiser is the cost of grocery items we need in order to provide the great tasting and quality food for this event that keeps them asking us back time after time. Our average shopping list for any event is around $850-$1000!! This could pay for almost all of Jaspers dental surgery... or cover Cecil's allergy medication for 6 months!

So we're hoping you can help us with our grocery list by virtually "buying" us some groceries!

Simply select the grocery items from the list you'd like to virtually "buy" for us and pay at the checkout - Easy Peasy! 

All "groceries" $5 and over are eligible for a tax receipt for you to claim as a donation come tax time so if you'd like a donation receipt, please let us know and we'll get one to you.

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