120 Pack Compostable Doggy Doo Bags

Little Green Dog



Cambridge Road is proud to partner with Little Green Dog as their latest retailer. 

Little Green Dog believe in showing our Earth the same love and care we show our fur kids. Long story short: most of those biodegradable bags you see on shelves aren't environmentally friendly at all. Instead, they're made of plastic — with additives that break down the big chunks of packaging but leave behind microplastics that ruin our planet. Little Green Dog provides New Zealand dog owners with a truly green alternative: fully biodegradable, 100%-compostable, plant-based poop bags so you can clean up after your pup without sh*tting on the environment.

Got a pooch who just loves to poop or a not-so-little green dog? Get some serious bang for your buck with a 120-pack of our plant-based, compostable poop bags. Lots of poop, zero waste: it's the LGD way!

Features & Benefits
Extra strong & extra thick
Leak proof & large (32cm x 22cm)
Plant based and will not degrade into microplastics
Home grown NZ business


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