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Imagine if you can, a life where every time you step out of your front gate, you're scared of everything you come across... That's the life that Charlie-girl lives every day.

Charlie has been with us for quite a while now and during that time, thanks to the work of her wonderful foster parents, she's come a long way. But life is very scary for Charlie, she's an anxious girl and when she goes outside of her little bubble, that's when her emotional bucket overflows.

Charlie is a WONDERFUL girl, with a very loving and affectionate nature, she LOVES her hoomans and would happily spend the day in your lap or at least in your company if she could. However, her fear of the great outdoors (outside of her property) means that she needs a little extra help from a professional behaviourist to help her overcome her fears. 

We have been offered help by a wonderful force free trainer in Auckland for a minimum 14 day intensive board and train course for Charlie so she can finally work through her fear and begin the search for her forever hoomans but the cost is something we're going to need your help with.

We are looking at a minimum cost of $2450. In rescue, every single cent is precious but we believe that Charlie deserves the chance to live a fear free life where she can be a dog and do dog things without being worried or scared all the time.

Please consider helping us get Charlie her happy ever after - even $1 will help get her on her way. If you'd like to, you can also sponsor Charlie for the time she's with us by choosing the "Subscription" option.

Any funds raised over and above what Charlie needs for his care will go into our dedicated medical fund, used to help other Poundies in our care that may need a little more vet care over and above the usual care.

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