HoneyVet Calming Conditioner




HoneyVet Calming Conditioner is a wonderful follow on treatment from our shampoo, adding extra goodness to your pet's coat.

Kanuka Honey and Coconut Oil work together to provide your pet with a Conditioner that calms the skin and adds moisture to the coat.
Their other secret ingredient, Beeswax, locks in the goodness to keep your pet's coat shiny and sleek. 

Available in 250ml and 500ml size.

Helpful Tip

No need to rinse!
Leave conditioner in for added sleek and shine.

HoneyVet was developed by two friends - one a veterinarian and one with an extensive background in the New Zealand Honey industry.
Both had the inspiration to harness New Zealand's nature's healing properties and to provide our animal friends with a natural alternative for skin and coat care. 

From this inspiration, HoneyVet was created.

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