Need help vaccinating or desexing your dog ? 

You've come to the right place!

We're coming to Te Awamutu on the 25th of June and we'd love to see you.

Check out the details below for more info and if you'd like to come along, make sure to click on the "Sign your doggo up as a Very Important Pupper" button to make sure we save a vaccination, just for them.

Only need help with desexing your pup? Check out our Desexing Program info HERE

How It Works

Here's the deal. We want to help as many doggos and families in need as possible to have a better life and we work really hard to raise money for these clinics, so it's super important that if you can afford to vaccinate your dog on your own, that you stay at home.

This clinic is for those who genuinely can't afford treatment - if you can afford to pay yourself OR you are a rescue looking for some cheap treatments, you are not eligible to attend. Please be honest, we work very hard to raise the funds for these events and do not want to have to resort to only allowing community services card holders to attend.

Our community Parvo Vaccination clinics happen every 2 months throughout the year.

Our Te Awamutu clinic details are as follows:

DATE: 25th June 2023

TIME: From 1.30pm to 3.30pm (Gates close at 3pm)

LOCATION: Te Ara Wai carpark (ex-Bunnings carpark) 244 Arawata Street Te Awamutu

Simply pull up to our volunteers and they'll tell you what to do. If you're already signed up as a VIP then you'll get to go through ahead of those who haven't signed up, BONUS!

What you get as a VIP:

  • Guaranteed parvo vaccination for your dog/s (yep, you can bring more than one but they must be yours)

  • Guaranteed Flea and Worm Treatment for your doggo/s

  • Guaranteed microchip for your dog (if they need it) and we'll give you a certificate with their microchip details on it too

  • Guaranteed small bag of dog food (one per car, stocks are limited)

You will also be able to sign up for our low cost desexing program on the day - you must have a community services card or proof of hardship to be eligible for the desexing program.

Pay your share towards desexing your dog on the day and you'll receive a LARGE bag of dog food! (dogs wont be desexed at the clinic on the day, but you'll guarantee your space in the program and we'll book them in to the vets asap)

Desexing Cost: Male dogs $80 Female dogs $100

Criteria for the clinics are:

  • You must NOT be breeding your dog to sell puppies

  • Your dog must be kept in the car until we say to bring them out

  • Your dog must be at the event to receive treatment

  • You must be in genuine need of help (financially unable to afford treatment)

  • You must NOT be a rescue or fostering the dog for a rescue (we really shouldn't have to tell you this, shame on you)

  • If you or your dog are unwell, please do NOT come


We welcome EVERYONE who needs our help. We will NOT pass on your information on to anyone without your permission.

What's the cost?

The Vaccination clinic is FREE! All we ask is a Koha to help us keep doing these clinics.


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