Welcome to our No Parvo No Puppies Program!

The "No Parvo No Puppies" program is Pound Hounds Rescue’s membership program committed to helping our Community Canines and their hoomans. We do this by providing low cost Parvo virus vaccinations and desexing as well as free microchipping, flea and worm treatments.

It costs us around $12,000 per year to run this program and it is entirely funded through funraising and donations. We can't do it without your help. 

No amount donated is too small and every cent helps transform the lives of Community Canine that are at high risk of catching the deadly Parvo virus or of having many unwanted litters of puppies. We want to start helping these kids and their hoomans before it's too late and they or their babies end up catching Parvo virus, getting pregnant or end up in the pound.

We are entirely volunteer run, which means 100% of your donation to this project goes towards helping community kids who need an extra hand.

How It Works

Joining our No Parvo No Puppies Program is a great way to show your support for the dogs in our community that may need a little extra help. 

The more of these canine kids in our community we can desex and vaccinate, that otherwise wouldn't be, the more we can help our community dogs stay healthy and safe. This also has a flow on effect, not only lowering the risk of Parvo virus for dogs that end up in the pound (these kids may become our Poundies), but also stopping unnecessary pregnancies (meaning less rescues looking for homes) and lowering the risk of aggression and wandering from entire (not desexed) male dogs - what's not to love about that!

To vaccinate one dog for Parvo (over 6 months old) it costs us around $60 depending on the vet clinic, to desex a dog ranges from $150-$350 depending on the size, sex and health of the dog - maybe more if it's an extra large breed. Our goal is to desex and vaccinate a minimum of 20 dogs in our first year and keep increasing each year. On average, we are looking at over $12,000 per year to keep this program running.

At this stage, our efforts will be around making the Waipa District Parvo and unwanted puppies free. We will expand this program as funds allow.

We work in closely with Animal Control in many areas and they often see on a day to day basis, families and dogs that need a little extra help. Along with Animal Control we will be coordinating with other organisations to find those that most need our help. 

We will be working on a voucher system with them to offer low cost vaccinations and desexing for community services card holders and low income families who are genuinely struggling.

What's the cost?

It's because of people like you that we can even offer this much needed program. Every single cent helps us get towards vaccinating or desexing another dog in our community, so whatever you can afford, whenever you can afford it is still one step closer to us helping prevent these dogs from suffering.


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