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Hi, I'm Rachel (one of the trustees of Pound Hounds Rescue), and I'm a Poundie-holic...And this beautiful girl is the whole reason my obsession with the Poundies began.

Meet Teyha (aka Hairy Dog, Baby Girl, Poopsie...). I should have know from our first meeting that she would be a handful but boy has she been worth it. A mixed breed of suspected Whippet X Beardie mix ("oooohhh she's a Lurcher" according to every English person I meet), with a super hairy mohawk on her back and an almost hairless tummy. Too smart for her own good, more energy than an Eveready battery and a bit of a bossy bum (seriously, argues back All. The. Time.), she's a real mummy's girl, loves every single person she meets (well, just about every person... she's not too sure about the courier), her ball, anything that squeaks and going for rides in the car. We've had our trials (torn up pillows, chewed up camera, chewed up sky remote, holes to China...) but once I figured out that most of these issues were because she was bored (did I mention she's a bit of a smart cookie?) things settled down. This little dog has been worth every second and is the best friend anyone could ask for.

So as I was told, the story goes that she was found by the wonderful Helen (yip, fellow Trustee Helen) in a ditch as a wee 8 weekish old pup and was sooooo sick. It was suspected she had parvo - luckily she didn't and she had Auntie Helen to nurse her back to health. This has left her with a bit of a sensitive tummy and some allergies, but we manage it pretty easily.

Almost six years on and I can quite honestly say she is the light of my life... She hogs the couch, chews the firewood, gives herself a fright when she farts, has food allergies and has an unnatural connection with the cat... but she is also incredibly loyal, sweet, snuggly and funny. It's all part of her charm and I wouldn't change a thing about her.

Just like you cant judge a book by it's cover, you really cant judge a Poundie the same way. These kids are full of love and just want to please their person. All they ask is a warm safe place to lay their heads, a full tummy and a chance to show you how much love they have to give. Best move I ever made.

Sandy, Hettie & Milly

Hi, I'm Helen (the other trustee of Pound Hounds Rescue). I've been helping dogs find their forever homes for the last 19 years, which is very rewarding work, but also very tiring! I'm thrilled to be involved with Pound Hounds Rescue and with Rachel, and dearly hope that between us we can get more dogs out of the pound more quickly, and (via foster homes) ultimately get them into fabulous permanent homes of their very own.

Over the years I've adopted some very special pound dogs of my own, including a few "oldies" that were only with me for a short time (although often much longer than expected – a little bit of love and care goes a long way to improving a dog's health and well-being!). Special thoughts remain for past ex pound specials named Kate, Deefa, Simba, Roxy, Reuben and Buddy (and many more).

Currently I have three oldies, and sadly three will soon be one due to old age taking its toll on two of my old girls.

Sandy moved in with me Christmas 2005 as an 18 month old, and never left. She has been a loyal, sensitive and amazing dog. She has had to cope with sharing her mum with so many other dogs over the years, and she has always been so tolerant and patient with all the waifs and strays that pass through. These days she has a bad heart condition and arthritis, and costs me a small fortune in medications to keep her as well as possible and pain free. She still has a good quality of life but I know the time is coming soon when I will have to make a tough decision. I dread that day, but I understand the importance of letting our pets go when the time is right for them, and not holding on to them for selfish reasons. In the meantime we enjoy our walks together and snuggling up on the sofa in front of the fire. I hope we can continue to do so for a wee while yet.

Hettie (also known as "Girl"):
Girl came to live with me temporarily …… but never left (seems to be a recurring theme)! Hettie is a true hound – extremely food obsessed and with a nose that has led her into all sorts of naughty places. She has definitely been a trial at times, and I had to spend considerable funds over the years improving my fencing to keep her contained. I also had to learn not to leave food unattended. Girl learned about key distractions in my life (eg the phone, the door, a dog needing attention etc). In less than a minute my porridge, sandwich, dinner would be gone (along with other kitchen bench goodies such as butter, blocks of cheese, jars of mayonnaise, whole roast lambs, whole batches of biscuits and cakes.)! Girl has been an avid hunter, and would generally hunt at least one rabbit per day. As she got older and lazier, she would spend her entire day sitting beside a known rabbit hole, and when a rabbit popped its head out she would pounce. There isn't any hunting these days, although she still explores the outdoors at every opportunity. Girl has never had the loyalty that Sandy has had, but she has still been a very affectionate, friendly and loving dog, and fantastic with other dogs.

Milly is the new kid on the block. She came into the pound Christmas 2015 and after a few weeks with no home in sight, she also moved into Aunty Helen's where she has been ever since. Milly is soft, sweet, gentle, quiet and just gorgeous. She is also a keen hunter and has sorted out a couple of rats along the way, although rabbits are her specialty. Milly is also reasonably aged, but hopefully we will have Milly around for a few more years – she is definitely the youngster in our household.

I'm trying not to adopt any more dogs, but will always foster poundies whenever I can. It is always a mix of heart-break along with true joy when they leave for their new home, but I always feel good inside that I have made a difference to that one dog's life.


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