Adoption Status: Available to Adopt

Foster Status: In foster care

DOB:  dob approx October 2015 (we were told he's 8 years old "at a guess")

Sex: Male

Breed: Lurcher (Greyhound x)

Size: Large slim

Fencing Requirements: Minimum 1.2m, dog-proof fencing around the home or decent farm fencing.

Hobbies: Naps in the sun, hanging out with his hoomans, "Roo Zoomies", going for short walkies, old man stuff really.

Good Habits: House and crate trained, knows basic manners (whether he does what he's told or not is another story - old man prerogative haha), affectionate and snuggly, dog social, ignores cows, incredibly loyal, eats well, easy to please, LOVES car rides and water

Bad Habits: Selective hearing (he's an old man, it hurts to sit so if he doesn't want to, he won't), hopping into any car he sees, deciding he's done halfway through a walk

Personality Type: Low energy but does have a real joy of doing short "zoomies", confident, easygoing and calm

Special Requirements: Roo has elbow displasia and arthritis in his hips, he is currently on Berensa injections monthly and a good quality high omega food. Any new hooman would need to be prepared to continue with his monthly injections. 

Adoption Fee: $250

Ideal Home: Roo is just looking for a home to retire in. He's had a hard life and it shows in how sore he gets but it doesn't stop him trying to play with other dogs or do the odd zoomie around the section. He's always got a happy dance for you when you come home and has done remarkably well on his Berensa injections, giving him a new lease on life and significantly reducing his pain levels.  A calm and quiet home without children (or with kids over 14) would be best as he's just looking to lead a comfortable and relaxed life. He's not a fan of anything around his neck so we use a harness when walking him. Roo is currently on foster at a lifestyle block and has been super good at staying around home and not going past the gate unless accompanied. He LOVES car rides, is incredibly loyal to his hoomans, has a good recall and loves to play in water. We have not had him around cats but he has been around cows and other dogs. He ignores the cows and he loves to play with the other dogs he's met - these have all been medium to large dogs, we do not know how he is with small dogs.

He was scare to come into the house at first, but soon discovered the pleasure of snuggling up with his hooman on the couch. He will only come inside when invited (he currently sleeps in a crate inside) and is very respectful when in the house, just happily climbing up onto his mat on the couch and taking a nap but he'll also get off when told as well.

If he thinks you're going to take him for a walk, he gets the zoomies and he much prefers to be off leash (normally we don't recommend this but Roo is just such a good boy - of course you'd have to build a bond with him first to make sure he comes back to you), after that's done it is definitely nap time. In fact, most of the time is nap time for Roo.

When he hears the gate buzzer at his foster home he jumps up and runs outside to see who it is. He'll run up to them to say hello and get some scratches but if ignored, he'll just wander away and have another nap.

With the cows and horses around the property he has completely ignored them and prefers to take the long way around if he has to walk past them. He's also completely ignored the wild rabbits on the property.

If you can provide Roo with a fully fenced property, quality food, regular flea and worm treatments, a comfy and warm bed, a comfy couch to nap on, toys and most of all lots of love for the rest of his days, click on the apply to adopt button and complete the application form.

Thanks for checking out handsome old man Roo's profile! We cant wait to help him find his forever hoomans, could that be you?


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