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Flea and worm treatments are ongoing expenses for us here at PHR - many don't know but we don't only treat the Poundies in our care. Often times we work with owners of dogs that have ended up in local pounds to provide them with education on flea and worm treating their dogs as well as providing a treatment to get them started on the right track. We also provide free flea and worm treatments to community dogs in our No Parvo No Puppies Community Desexing and Vacciation Program.

The right sort of flea treatment can also stop the suffering of dogs with mange.

A good quality single dose flea treatment can cost around $27.99. Prices vary depending on package sizes and brands.

Thanks for sponsoring flea treatments for our Poundies. If you'd like a donation receipt sent to you, please let us know in the notes and we'll get one to you asap.

Thanks for helping our Poundies!

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