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Some poundies are with us a few weeks, some it takes a lot longer to find their forever hoomans. That could be for a variety of reasons - health, special needs, just because their hoomans haven't found them yet to name a few...

While in our care, we make sure these kids are loved and get all the care, and attention they need. 

If you can spare even $1 towards helping us take care of our Poundies, we would be very grateful. All money raised will go towards taking care of our Poundies. 

If you would like a receipt for your tax return (all donations over $5 are claimable) please pop a message in the notes section. 

Please Note: We understand that this may look a little strange - like you're "buying" rather than donating - unfortunately at this time this is the only way we are able to offer a "donate" option on our website besides sending you to givealittle (which takes a month for any donations to come through). Please feel free to contact us if you're unsure or to donate via our givealittle page instead if it makes you feel more comfortable - either way, we're grateful for your support and thank you for caring about our Poundies too.

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