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Rescue feels a bit like the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff sometimes... So here at Poundie Central, we've decided we'd like to try to help BEFORE our Poundies become Poundies with our No Puppies No Parvo is Community initiative.

No Parvo No Puppies is a desexing and vaccination program aimed to help those in our community who may struggle to afford the costs involved with desexing and vaccinating their pooches. By helping them, we are in turn reducing the number of unwanted puppies in our community, eventually reducing the number of dogs and puppies in our pounds, helping dogs stay healthier and reducing the risk of unvaccinated dogs and puppies in the community (and our pre-Poundies) catching and potentially dying from Parvo-virus. 

Parvo is a NASTY way for a furry kid to die, it's a killer, there's no cure, it's something we're super scared of our Poundies catching and something we'd like to stamp out altogether. With your support, we can start to do that!

Did you know, we also regularly provide free flea and worm treatments to community dogs in need? Your donation as a No Parvo No Puppies Patron will help us provide flea and worm treatments as well as microchipping for the kids in our program too!

If you'd like to help us continue this really important work please consider making a one off donation of any amount to sponsor a community dog's desexing operation.

OR sponsor a contribution to get a dog desexed - we ask our participants to pay a contribution of either $70 for a male dog or $90 for a female dog towards their surgery. Some people even struggle to pay that. If you decide to sponsor a payment, we can let one of our participants know that their desexing operation has been paid for!

If you'd like to help on a more regular basis, click on the subscription button and become a member of our No Parvo No Puppies Membership program!


1. Decide whether you'd like to make a one off donation, or become a NPNP Sponsor

2. Where it says "Buy On Subscription" choose either One Off Purchase to make a one time donation OR Subscription to become a No Parvo No Puppies Sponsor - if you decide to become a Sponsor, beside the Sponsorship button you'll see a drop down menu, select either Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly depending on how often you'd like to donate.

3. Decide how much you'd like to donate by either selecting an amount from the "DONATE" drop down menu OR if the amount you'd like to donate isn't under that tab, you can choose your own amount using the Quantity menu.

4. Once you've decided how much you'd like to donate and how often, simply click on the ADD TO CART button, select CHECKOUT from the pop up menu and you'll be taken to the payment page.

5. Enter the details as asked on the page (email, name, address) and choose REVIEW ORDER - it will ask if you want the item delivered or pickup, it doesn't matter what you choose here as there is no physical item.

6. Review your order/donation, click on the terms and conditions button and click Proceed To Payment where you'll be taken to a safe online payment portal.

7. All Done! You've just help save a dog! Thank you!

Please note: Yes, this is in our "shop" and it looks a little weird - it's the only way we're able to take donations at this time via our website. It is however a donation so any donation over $5 is eligible for a donation receipt which you can use to claim at tax time.

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