No Puppies No Parvo Community Desexing and Vacciation Program



Rescue feels a bit like the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff sometimes... So here at Poundie Central, we've decided we'd like to try to help BEFORE our Poundies become Poundies with our No Puppies No Parvo is Community initiative.

No Puppies No Parvo is a desexing and vaccination program aimed to help those in our community who may struggle to afford the costs involved with desexing and vaccinating their pooches, in turn reducing the number of unwanted puppies in our community, helping dogs stay healthy and reducing the risk of unvaccinated dogs (and our pre-Poundies) catching and potentially dying from Parvo-virus.

If you'd like to help us continue this really important work please consider making a one off donation. If you'd like to help on a more regular basis, check out our No Parvo No Puppies page for more information on our membership program.

Please note: Yes, this is in our "shop", it is however a donation so any donation over $5 is eligible for a donation receipt which you can use to claim at tax time.

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