As with most of the Poundies that come into care, it's usually a guessing game as to what breed these kids are. Little miss Luna is no different. SO we've decided if you want to know what she is, then maybe you'd like to sponsor a DNA test for her!

These tests are expensive and a test for Luna will cost us $200 so this is not something that we can normally do unless we get some help but we thought it might be fun to find out.

If we're able to raise over $200, we'll use the extra funds to purchase another DNA test for one of our other wee babes that are in care at the moment too - it may be Chloe and Zoe the 6 week old babes or maybe Cain and Poppy or perhaps Charlie-girl or Miah?

All donations over $5 are elligible for a tax receipt so you can claim it on your next tax return - sometimes our emails go to junk so if you're waiting on a receipt, check your junk folder.

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