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Sometimes we pick the sickest ones... The ones most in pain... The ones at the end of their lives who just need some care and love while they live out their days. We believe they deserve a chance at a good life in the time they have left.

Currently we have the following oldies in our care 

Ivy (white girl in photos) is 14 years old and has been with us since she was 11. She came in SO afraid of people, we made the decision with her foster parents that she should stay in our care for the rest of her days. She is in a "foster forever" foster home. They give her all the love she could want as well as a family of her very own, until her time comes. But she has hip problems and is in pain so requires medication to keep that under control.

Roo (grey boy in the car in photos) is an 8 year old boy with elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia and arthritis. He's been a good hard working boy all his life and he still loves to do a happy dance when he sees you and a "Roo Zoomie" when he gets the chance. He's currently in a foster home waiting to find his forever hoomans and in the mean time we've got him on some amazing meds that have helped him stay pain free for longer and enjoy life again. His medication costs $150 per month.

Arthur (old man huntaway in photos) is an elderly gentleman likely 10+ (perhaps closer to 12) years old. He is in significant pain. Hobbling around and unsteady on his feet. We are going to give him a chance at a pain free remainder of his life. He likely only has a few months left. We are hoping to get him onto the same medication as Roo but will find out what he will be on once we get him into our vets for a good check over.

Wanting to make a one off donation? No problem! Just choose the amount you'd like to donate and make sure One Off Purchase is selected.

Want to sponsor treatments for the medical needs of our oldies on an ongoing basis? Easy! Simply choose the amount you'd like to donate, click the SUBSCRIPTION button, choose your frequency (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) and click the Buy On Subscription button!

Some of our Oldies are with us for the remainder of their lives, some head off to their forever hoomans. But while they're in our care, we want to give them the VERY best lives we can. And that's where we need your help. Medical needs are expensive. While in our care, we make sure these kids are loved and get all the care, and attention they could ever need. 

If you can spare even $1 towards helping us take care of our Poundies, we would be very grateful. All money raised will go towards taking care of our Poundies. 

If you would like a receipt for your tax return (all donations over $5 are claimable) please pop a message in the notes section. 

Please Note: We understand that this may look a little strange - like you're "buying" rather than donating - unfortunately at this time this is the only way we are able to offer a "donate" option on our website besides sending you to givealittle (which takes a month for any donations to come through). Please feel free to contact us if you're unsure or to donate via our givealittle page instead if it makes you feel more comfortable - either way, we're grateful for your support and thank you for caring about our Poundies too.

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