Community Rehome Program

Here at Pound Hounds Rescue we only take dogs out of pounds and put them into foster care for rehoming. Although we are unable to take community dogs into foster care, we do want to help if we can, so we have designed this Community Rehome Program for those people that may need to rehome their dog. 

How It Works

We do have some criteria that you must be willing to meet in order to be eligible for our Community Rehome Program. The criteria are as follows:

  • You must be in either the Waipa or Hamilton areas to be eligible for this program

  • All dogs in our Community Rehome Program must first undergo a temperament test. Should your dog fail this test, they would not be elligible for rehoming through Pound Hounds Rescue

  • You must be willing to keep the dog in your home and to provide for it's needs until we can find it a new home.

  • You must be willing to relinquish ownership of the dog to Pound Hounds Rescue

  • You must make the dog available for all and any meet and greets for potential new owners - you are not required to attend these, we will do that part on your behalf.

  • You must be willing to allow Pound Hounds Rescue EXCLUSIVELY to rehome your dog/s - that means we are the ONLY ones to find your dog a new home, you don't advertise it on facebook or just give it away to anyone etc.

  • If your dog is not already, it will be your responsibility to ensure your dog is desexed, registered with council and fully vaccinated (Parvo and Lepto) before heading to it's new home. We do this in lieu of charging you a fee to rehome your dog.

A lot of time, work and effort goes into ensuring we find great, SAFE homes for our Poundies and we will take the same care with your dog. This is why we ask that we are the only ones to rehome your dog.

If your dog is accepted into our rehoming program, we will vet check, vaccinate, desex, microchip and council register the dog (if not already done) and then do everything we can to ensure the very best forever home is found. To cover some of the costs associated with this, we do charge any adopter an adoption fee.

To apply for entry into our Community Rehome Program, simply click the "Help My Dog Please" button below and complete the form. Once we have received your help request, we will be in touch.

Please remember that we are entirely volunteer run. We work full time as well as running the rescue and taking care of our own families. This means sometimes it takes us a little while to get back to you. We do our best to respond as quickly as possible but sometimes it takes us a while. Please be patient with us, we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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